#01 Heart-Shaped Hyster

Leigh Stone

For Giant Steps, I put my womb on the Moon. Conception is a physiological triumph of form, a magic that defies all odds, the foundation of existence itself. Women possess within them one of the most resilient environments ever created, the ur-womb of known animal life. And we suffer greatly for it.

Throughout history, the Moon has represented the feminine. That’s no coincidence. Before modern society, entire communities of women would menstruate together along with the Moon’s cycle. This natural process has inspired ceremonies, art, song, emotions and power. It has also been subject to demonization and ostracization. Still, women are sent to Moon huts when they menstruate, they are viewed as unclean. Unspeakable things, acts of monstrous and necessarily isolated violence, have been enacted when they’re away from their families; all under the guise of safety.

Currently tens of thousands of women are facing hysterectomies due to an unsafe sterilization procedure approved by the FDA. Once again my uterus is in Congress. Once again my health is at risk because of the systems that are supposed to protect me. How can we have interplanetary travel yet such little regard for the vessels that carry our legacy? How have we progressed from the society that took us to the Moon in 1969? Let’s take it back, establish a technological age that embraces the self-evident truth of our biology.

By placing my uterus on the moon I’d like to reclaim this rock and carve out a new, fundamentally matriarchal space for women. This 2 x 2 ft. monument will establish our legacy by eliminating nations and giving women something they deserve: unadulterated space.

Cargo: glass and silver sculpture

Cargo Weight: 60 kg

Budget: $45,000