Photo credit: Bruce Clayton Tom, 2015

Photo credit: Bruce Clayton Tom, 2015

Vital 5 Productions

Vital 5 was founded in 1995 to experiment, challenge, create, produce and publish all mediums of contemporary art. In the last 20 years it has produced over 40 exhibitions, 20 performances, 2 feature films, 2 theatrical productions and numerous projects not so easily categorized. It produces Artists For a Work Free America (AFWFA), The Arbitrary Art Grant, Walden3 (, The Vital 5 Review, works by the performance art trio PDL and the annual contemporary art exhibit Out of Sight. Vital 5 won a Genius Award in 2003, for best arts organization, as defined by The Stranger Magazine.

King Street Station marks its third exhibition space in Seattle.



Photo credit: Daniel A. Carrillo

Photo credit: Daniel A. Carrillo

Greg Lundgren, Producer/curator     

Greg Lundgren in a Seattle-base artist, designer and curator.  

He has converted a Vietanmese restaurant, a car dealership, a cafe, a post office, and most recently a train station, into contemporary art spaces. Some stick around, some are demolished to make way for more profitable business (Starbucks/Whole Foods, respectfully). 

He is also the founder of Lundgren Monuments, a design firm that specializes in contemporary headstones, urns and caskets, Walden3, a conceptual/virtual contemporary art center, and Vital 5 Productions, which desperately needs a new and updated website. When he is not immersed in conversations around art and death, he can be found drinking at The Hideout and Vito's, (clubs he co-owns with with his business partner Jeff Scott) and talking about art and death.




Justen Waterhouse,  Exhibition Manager


Raised in Taiwan and now working in Seattle, Justen knows how to bring alien things together. With her love for outer space, Neuroscience, and contemporary arts, Justen provides Greg Lundgren with curatorial and managerial assistance for Giant Steps. Previously, she was the Art Director at Grey Matters Journal at the University of Washington, where she helped cultivate dialogue between visual arts and Neuroscience. 

When Greg asked if she would like to help with Giant Steps, Justen replied, "Greg, it's space. Space is my jam."

Justen Waterhouse is a recent graduate of the Painting+Drawing BFA program at the University of Washington.